Karl Diffenderfer

Successful sports teams aren’t the only ones who need great coaches leading them!  The best organizations often rely on a business coach to help guide them.  This is especially true for navigating big changes and new ventures.  A business coach can take an objective look at your business and industry.  They have the tools available to guide major decision making.

If your organization could benefit from the skills of an experienced life coach, Higher Impact Business and Life coaching has got you covered!  Coach Karl has coached hundreds of business owners in many different industries all over the world for over a decade.  He has studied underneath 4 other national coaches, 5 coaching platforms, and is also an accredited leadership coach.

Higher Impact Business and Life Coaching offers help to business owners and professional leaders to go to the next level in their lives and businesses. They help their clients work on their business, and build a company that runs itself so they can live out their life purpose. Karl inspires leaders to move into a greater version of themselves which he calls “YOU 2.0”. He also empowers business leaders who want to become a coach by teaching them his duplicatable system.

Karl understands business!  He built a successful internet marketing firm from the ground up with hundreds of customers across the globe. His company was award winning and generated millions of dollars in revenue. When presented with the opportunity, he decided to sell the company to transition into teaching others how to do what he has done.

As influencers, we know we don’t have all it all figured out.  We all get stuck.  We get in our own way.  We hold ourselves back from our true potential.  If you could double, triple or quadruple your success, would you be willing to put forth the hard work and effort to do that?  Wouldn’t that be invaluable if you could achieve that?  If so, then you should talk to Coach Karl.  He is committed to your success and proves this through his RESULTS based coaching platform.  If you a leader who is serious about going to the next level, then reach out to Coach Karl today!

The coaching team at Higher Impact now includes a total of 6 coaches with locations in:

– Lancaster, Pennsylvania

– Raleigh, North Carolina

– Frederick, Maryland

– Denver, Colorado

Karl’s latest venture is called Virtual Assistants Company. This company gives Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs their own personal administrative assistant at a fraction of the cost. It is a social enterprise providing jobs and training for those in less fortunate regions of the world. The administrative assistants are trained to take huge workloads off of the business leader through an intuitive proprietary process. This enables the business owner to delegate large amounts of monotonous tasks freeing up the business owner’s time and mental resources. This empowers them to do the things they really should be doing.

The best way to get in touch with Karl is by sending an wmail to Karl@higherimpact.me or via phone at 717.201.8536. For more information on Higher Impact, check out their website at ( http://www.higherimpact.me ).  You can learn more about Virtual Assistants Company at (www.onevirtualassistant.com).  Karl enjoys speaking and teaching worldwide and his first book is currently underway!