Income Tax Preparation Services

We make our clients’ lives easier by helping them navigate their individual tax situations.

What We Do
Personal Income Tax Preparation Services

When it comes time to file your personal taxes every year, you may feel overwhelmed.  At ITP Taxes our experienced income tax preparers will spend the time needed to make sure that the process is painless and your return is accurate and nets you the greatest refund possible.

Small Business Income Tax Preparation Services

As a small business owner, you probably love what you do, but dread doing taxes every year. At ITP Taxes our experienced income tax preparers will guide you to the best tax solution amidst the ever-changing tax laws. 

Why ITP?


ITP Taxes was founded in 2000 by Dave Shiley. Dave’s dedication to preparing your individual income tax return like it is his own is at the core of the services we provides. With ITP Taxes, you get a friendly one-on-one experience where all your questions can be answered.

Dedicated to the Best Results

Ever-changing tax laws have become increasingly difficult for the non tax professional to navigate. Working with ITP Taxes gives you the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing you’re getting full advantage of any and all tax breaks available to you.

Unique Experience

In addition to our personal income tax preparation expertise, ITP Taxes has extensive experience serving freelance professionals, small businesses, and others who don’t quite fit the mold of a “typical” income tax preparation client.

Comfortable Environment

Take one step inside our Lancaster office at the Candy Factory and you’ll know you aren’t in a typical tax preparation office. Comfortable modern furnishings, monthly exhibits by local artists, and freshly-brewed locally-roasted coffee will make you feel at home and relaxed while your taxes are being professionally prepared.

Commitment to our Community

ITP Taxes is Lancaster County proud! When you do your taxes with us you’re helping to support a growing local business with roots in your community. We are active supporters of Lancaster’s business community and non-profit charities.

We Make Your Life Easier

Our mission is to make your life as stress free as possible so that you have the free time to enjoy life rather than worry about your taxes. Do your taxes with ITP Taxes today and watch your stress go away.


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