How to Upload Your Tax Documents to Our Secure Portal

We know that technology — much like getting your taxes done — can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be!

While you can still bring your tax documents to us directly at The Candy Factory, we also have the option for you to upload your documents online.

Today we’re reviewing how to upload your tax documents safely & securely so you can save time, minimize your COVID exposure, travel less and as a bonus — be more eco-friendly this tax season.

Here’s how:

  1. If you’re an existing client, you can upload your files directly under your Portal accessHere’s a video showing you how.
  2. Upload your documents as a GuestHere’s a video showing you how. (You can go directly to this link and select “Upload files to Us” under “Guest Exchange.”)

Either way — our system only accepts PNG/JPG & PDF files so please make sure you use these two file types so we can ensure we can open every document you send us!

If you haven’t been in your Portal yet, not to worry! We’re happy to help you get logged in. Simply email us and we’ll get you all set up. 

Remember, this tax season is extra special as we’ve got the stimulus payments to consider. So after you check your status for whether you’ve received (or are still due a stimulus payment), we’ll need this form along with your tax docs. (Note: The most important piece of information we’ll need is the stimulus amounts.)

Once you’ve uploaded your documents, we ask that you email us to confirm that you’ve uploaded everything & then schedule your appointment with Dave HERE at least one week after uploading so we have time to process your documents.

Remember — If you have any questions about uploading your tax documents — we’re just an email away and happy to help!

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