Personal Income Tax Preparation

Why ITP Taxes

1 on 1 Personalized Service

We will meet with you one on one to discuss your individual tax preparation needs. We will give you the time that you need to talk about your past year and review your tax documents. You will be able to work with the same income tax preparer from start to finish!

Cost Effective

Don’t break the bank by going to a big accounting firm. We can fulfill your personal income tax needs for a much lower price and give you a simpler more personalized experience. 

Personal Tax Help

Tax Deduction Strategy

Many individuals are unsure of whether they should itemize their tax deductions or take the standard deduction. We will work with you to help determine the best deduction strategy for your personal tax situation. 

Filing Jointly or Separately

There are many pros and cons to filing jointly with your spouse. Some of the pros include larger deductions for charitable giving, receiving a larger return, and saving time and money. However, there are some disadvantages to filing jointly. We can assist you in determining the best approach to filing jointly or separately. 

W-4 Assistance

Determining the right amount of tax that should be witheld for each paycheck on your W-4 can be be complex. We will help you evaluate your individual tax situation so that you can make an informed decision on how to best fill out your W-4.

About Dave Shiley

20 Years of Experience

Dave has been helping small business with their taxes for over 20 years. Dave loves making business owners lives easier by helping them navigate their complicated taxes. 

Always up to Date

Dave attends annual conferences and events to learn about tax law updates every year. We want to ensure that we are always up to date on the new tax rules and regulations so that we can best serve you. 

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