Support Excentia of Lancaster by Filing Online with File For A Cause

There are many reasons to visit a professional tax preparer when tax time rolls around.  Like if you have complicated taxes, lots of deductions, exemptions, or credits, too many other things on your plate, or just want to make sure everything is done correctly….then give us a call.

 But there are also very good reasons to file online, particularly with File For A Cause!

  • You help a local organization! Excentia of Lancaster
  • Filing online can help you stay organized by creating an electronic record for future tax years.  It is much easier to go back later and reference these electronic files when you need information quickly.
  • Online programs often prompt you for tax credits and deductions that you could take advantage of – which could lead to a bigger tax savings for you!
  • By filing online your accuracy is likely to improve. Filling out paperwork requires that you know which blanks to fill in and how to complete calculations yourself.
  • It’s generally known to be faster to file and faster to receive a refund.  Choosing direct deposit means that you can receive your return in as few as 3 weeks.
  • It’s easy!  Software is simple to use and you can do it from any computer, anywhere, anytime!
  • Doing something yourself means gaining knowledge and expertise.  This enhanced tax wisdom can help to make wiser decisions down the road.

If any of these reasons has you considering online filing, please check out File For A Cause.