Starting Over: An Introduction

Starting over can come in many forms.  For some, beginning fresh with a whole new career path later in life can mean exciting but daunting challenges.  How do you secure the right training for your new field? Does the resume that you created in 2000 still hold up in today’s business world?  For other people, starting over may be initiated by a divorce, a new home in a new neighborhood, bankruptcy or foreclosure. How do you navigate when you find yourself in unfamiliar waters without a map?

One current trend is the growing rate of divorce among those over the age of 50.  Rates of divorce for couples over 50 have actually doubled over the past ten years.  Another rising trend shows that more people are making big career changes later in life as opposed to be being stuck on a job path that they don’t enjoy.  CNBC has explored this topic in their article “Career Change is the New Normal of Working”.  Their first tip is to enlist help as you begin negotiating career change – don’t attempt it alone!

Our next several blog posts are going to focus on the increasing trend of “starting over” that many of us find ourselves embracing, for better or worse.  Each entry will cover a topic, including:

  1. Job training, search, and resume building
  2. Creating a budget when you need to start over financially
  3. Rebuilding after divorce

If there are additional areas that you would like more information about, please just leave a comment!  These topics are all unique to the individuals involved, but there is certainly some common ground we all share and can explore.