Just Because Gives: Greeting Cards for Worthy Causes

If you are looking for a unique gift this holiday, you’ve come to the right place!  Just Because offers whimsical greeting cards featuring real, live animals.  Their adorable designs utilize no photo shopping and star Pearl, a curious wild chipmunk who loves peanuts.  Pearl willingly poses for the camera in creative scenes designed to celebrate nature and fun. Pearl’s babies, Chip and Salsa, love free food but have not yet shown the same willingness to pose for pictures.

Just Because was created by Bethany, who has spent three decades working in the nonprofit world.  During that time she has worked to help prevent human trafficking, child sexual abuse, and homelessness.  The greeting card business allows her to balance a life seeking justice and fairness for everyone with taking time to just relax and be.  Just Because allows her to give back to causes that she believes in while pursuing other hobbies and enjoying nature. For every Just Because purchase, 50% of the profit is passed on to one of several charities committed to making the world a better place.  Among these worthy organizations are Hope International, International Justice Mission, Preemptive Love, and Samaritan Safe Places.  These organizations share a common bond of working to create safe and fair conditions for all people.

In addition to Pearl’s greeting cards, Just Because has teamed up with Freiman Stoltzfus.  As a friend and local artist, Freiman paints the gorgeous Freedom Dancer cards for Bethany to sell in conjunction with her own creations.  An equal portion of proceeds from these cards benefits the same worthy organizations.  

Pearl’s greeting cards will bring a smile to anyone’s face. To see available designs, please visit   https://justbecause.gives/cards/.  Five retail store fronts also offer the cards around Lancaster County and those locations can be found online at https://justbecause.gives/retail-locations/.  To view the latest Just Because happenings and creations, check them out on instagram, youtube, and facebook.  To contact Bethany directly, she can be reached at justbecausegives@gmail.com.




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