Jayme Chandler


Jayme Chandler NMLS# 1242365
Mortgage Network Inc NMLS# 2668

Does it feel like owning your own home is an unrealistic dream?  Do you find yourself thinking, there is no way I could ever afford a mortgage in my situation?  Not only can Jayme Chandler help you turn that dream into a reality, she has been on the other side of the table.  Jayme came to Lancaster from Chicago, IL 22 years ago as a single mom with a 9 year old daughter, $20. and a car that would not pass inspection.  After 3 months of living at Water Street Rescue Mission and HarbAdult (TLC now) she was able to rent her first home in Lancaster.  Two years later she bought her first home using LHOP and she still owns and lives there today.  Jayme knows from personal experience exactly how precious having a home is and exactly what it takes to get there.  The struggle is real, but not impossible!

Jayme has been in the real estate industry for a total of 9 years now.  The first 5 years she worked as a PA licensed Real Estate Agent. The last 4 years she has been a PA licensed Loan Officer.  Jayme’s training includes completion of the Real Estate certification program from the College of Lake County, Grayslake IL.  She has completed all education required by the state of PA for Real Estate and Mortgage Loan Officer titles.  

Jayme is proud to work for Mortgage Network, Inc.  The company offers excellent service and a variety of loan products for the purpose of buying a home.  Mortgage Network, Inc doesn’t shy away from the tough cases….it is all about getting the customer to the place of purchase.

Her favorite part of the job is telling a first time home buyer that they are qualified to purchase a home. Ultimately sitting at the settlement table with the borrower and watching them sign the documents for the purchase of their home is a euphoric moment.  Jayme says that she relishes the work involved in putting the puzzle together to make everything work so my customer can buy a home.

The best way for potential customers to get in touch with Jayme is via email jchandler@mortgagenetwork.com or by phone with a call or text at 717-598-7008.