“From Consult to Closing, Team Claire Cares”

We are pleased to introduce Jennifer Fields!  She is beginning her first year in the real estate business as a realtor with The Claire Chivington Team.  Claire’s team is affiliated with RE/MAX Patriots in Lancaster, PA.  Prior to beginning her real estate career, Jennifer completed her real estate courses through Real Estate Express.  This course work included a 30-hour course pertaining to real estate Fundamentals in addition to a 30-hour course specifically geared towards PA real estate practices.  Taking online courses provided great flexibility in scheduling making this new career a possibility.

Jennifer loves her career in real estate because she gets to meet new people and educate them on homes and the nuances of home ownership. As a former teacher, she finds she is able to use many of the same skills, just in a different fashion.  Jennifer is thankful she found Team Claire and RE/MAX Patriots during her affiliation search. She shares that she felt it was extremely important to find an environment that focuses on highly skilled agents and top notch client service, all while fitting the needs of her family. Jennifer found all of those elements with Claire Chivington’s Team and RE/MAX Patriots.

RE/MAX Patriots offers clients a plethora of resources to assist in the home
buying/selling process with a concierge level of service from realtors, and the brand recognition to support it.  Team Claire offers a full-service experience whether you are buying or selling a home. As a team they have over 20 years of experience in the real estate business with specialties in the areas of buyer’s representative, staging, short sales, foreclosures, new construction, and assisting veterans as they transition to civilian life.

Jennifer’s advice to potential realty clients is to always do your homework when looking for a realtor. Many people use the first agent they speak to whether or not it is a good fit. It is essential to feel comfortable working with your realtor, and likewise for your realtor to be comfortable working with you. Clients should never feel locked in with an agent if it’s not the right fit. Buying and selling a home is a journey that can last for months. You want to be working with someone who you most importantly trust, but also someone who cares about your
best interests. Team Claire truly invests in their clients which is why their motto is,
“From Consult to Closing, Team Claire Cares”.

The best way for potential clients to reach Jennifer is on her direct cell number @ 717.804.4776 or email address jennifer.fields@teamclaire.net.  Jennifer can be found on Facebook through a search @JenniferFieldsPARealEstate.  She is on Twitter @JenniferMFields and LinkedIn as well https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifermfields/.


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