Mike Gingerich

As small business owners, we’ve talked about which hats to wear to create the most successful operation.  Some jobs you can take on yourself and others are best left to someone with the expertise in that field. Unless you enjoy unleashing your creative side and have time to keep current with social media marketing, these tend to be some of the best areas to outsource.  This is where Mike Gingerich and Digital Hill can help!  They offer website development, website tools and software, as well as online and social media marketing strategy and management to their clients.  Digital Hill has completed more than 500 projects!

Mike has the experience to create exactly what you need with 10 years in online marketing. He received his MS degree in Organizational Development and Leadership from Shippensburg University.  Mike shared that when he went to college, there was no such thing as social media so he’s learned on the fly. He has a passion for technology, so working with website and social media keeps him on the leading edge where he likes to be.

In addition to the work he does through Digital Hill, he has a podcast, Halftime Mike, which is a monthly resource on web/social media/business/fitness/life mission topics.  Mike does 2 weekly Facebook Live shows about online marketing trends.

His aim through his work in business and life is to add value and help businesses and organizations set themselves apart.  To this end he has written a 30 day guide to becoming a better leader which can be found at www.mikegingerich.com/lead.  

Shop local!  Mike is here in Lancaster working at the Candy Factory when he isn’t out training for triathlons and long distance races.  

Online you can find him at:


@Mike_Gingerich on Twitter


@mikegingerich on Instagram