Irene Mouchlizis

When tax time rolls around, do you find yourself uncertain whether you will owe money or receive a refund?  Being able to estimate these numbers annually can help when you are budgeting for something big, trying to pay off some debt, or making any other financial planning decisions for your business.  

Assisting clients by allowing them to plan for taxes throughout the year is one of the things Irene Mouchlizis loves about her job and it is a great reason to turn to her for your bookkeeping needs!   In her own words, Irene says “I love being able to help clients become more organized and aware of how their business is doing. By becoming more organized, they are better able to make sound business decisions and predict what their tax situation will be, so they are not surprised at year end.”  Irene has worked with several non-profit clients as well.  She enjoys helping these organizations to strengthen the community in which we live!

Irene has been running her own business, Bookkeeping N Beyond LLC, for 4 years now.  Prior to that she worked at an accounting firm, utilizing her bachelor’s degree in accounting.  Irene has years of training and expertise in bookkeeping, payroll services, and cash management – including bill pay and invoicing.  When you remove these time consuming pieces from your own business plate, you can better focus on what you do best.  Irene points out that not every business will have the same needs.  She can work with you to determine which services would most benefit your individual organization and customize to fit your specific areas of need.  

Get in touch with Irene to schedule an appointment today!  She can be reached at 717-333-6989 or  Additional information can also be found by going to her website at