‘Cause you have to file….file for a cause!

Do you prefer to file your own taxes online?  If so, please consider File For A Cause and when you do a portion of the filing fee will directly go to support a local organization – Excentia.  File For A Cause utilizes a very easy to navigate, user friendly, and most importantly – secure, online filing system.  To learn more, please check out our website and remember, ITP Taxes LLC is available to help answer any questions you have – even if you are filing online.

In 2018, File For A Cause will be supporting Excentia for a second straight year.  Who benefits from a portion of your tax filing fee?  Excentia is a local non-profit organization providing services to help empower individuals with developmental needs in our area.  Services are available for everyone from childhood through adulthood, to be utilized as long as necessary.  Therapy and education are provided to help each person live, thrive, and grow to their fullest potential.  Excentia values human dignity and with File For a Cause donations, you can help support them in their mission!


“File For A Cause was a great way for my husband and me to feel good about filing our taxes.  We know that if we run into a question we can ask Dave for clarification and that is very reassuring. Plus, we are part of a whole group of other philanthropic-minded people who are giving back to Excentia’s programs.  I would recommend the program to anyone who is considering filing taxes online.” – Megan Lefever Titter

Protecting Your Tax Return

At this point, many of us know whether or not the most recent data breach has compromised our financial information.  If you’ve waited to take the steps to check the security of your information, the Federal Trade Commission website can help.  This site outlines how to determine if your information was exposed and how to further protect yourself from fraud.  The PA Department of Revenue website also has helpful suggestions for recognizing signs that identity theft has occurred and how to report it.

What remains unknown however, is if this breach will have an impact on our 2017 taxes.  This is where CNBC News “Your Next Worry After the Equifax Tax Breach” can help.  One of the biggest concerns of this data breach, in relation to taxes, is whether someone else will file under your Social Security Number and receive a refund.  The best way to prevent this from happening is to file first.  Experts are recommending filing as early as possible this year to prevent a tax breach.  Be aware and suspicious of unusual tax paperwork or mail you may receive this season that hasn’t been sent in the past.  You can be organized and prepared by making a list of forms and paperwork normally received and checking them off as they are mailed to you.

The PA Department of Revenue recommends that you “know your tax preparer”!  ITP Taxes LLC is a local business you can trust to help you file a return this season!