Lisa Horst


As a tax professional, I have the opportunity to meet many interesting business people who are participating in very creative enterprises!  One such individual is Lisa Horst, Marketing Distributor for Send Out Cards.  Never heard of Send Out Cards?  Check out Lisa’s web page and take advantage of sending out your first card – for free!  It’s incredibly easy to use and is a great tool for business owners who want to thank clients or for individuals to stay in touch and show friends they are thinking of them!  

Send Out Cards (SOC) was started in 2003 in Salt Lake City, UT and Lisa has been a Marketing Distributor since 2009 in Lancaster, PA.  SOC allows you to create and send tangible greeting cards, inspiration keys, and gift baskets through online ordering.  The site allows you to customize your order and create unique gifts by uploading your own photos and text.  Stock pictures and designs are available as well and you can mix and match to create the perfect gift or card for your individual needs.  The most popular SOC gift is the delicious and decadent brownie 2 pack.  Who wouldn’t love to receive brownies in the mail?!  

You can even send a card or gift while waiting in line at the grocery store!  Just download the mobile app (sendoutcards) from your app store or by following this link, enter Lisa’s sponsor #86486, and begin sending happiness!  Send Out Cards are very affordable as well with standard 2-panel greeting cards ranging from just $1.17 to $1.98 plus a stamp.  If you’d like to see it in use, a short video shows the ease of utilizing the app.    

Customers, clients, friends, and family all love to hear from you and sometimes a text or email isn’t the most effective communication method.  SOC combines photos and your heartfelt message all in one greeting card that will help them remember you, without breaking the bank.  SOC is a GREAT follow-up business tool and personal stay in touch tool! Once you start spreading kindness around like confetti with SOC, you may become addicted!!   

Time to Apply!

If you or someone you know plans to start college in fall of 2018, Federal Student Aid registration for is opening soon.  For the 2018–19 school year, you can apply for aid between Oct. 1, 2017, and June 30, 2019.  The Federal Student Aid website recommends registering as early as possible because several of the aid funds have limited funds allocated.  The Federal Student Aid website is a great resource for anyone planning their college career.  Included is information on who should apply for financial aid (everyone!) and easy to use links to begin the registration process.  

The FAFSA facebook page is also an incredibly helpful tool as it shares details on which expenses aid can be used towards, how to find scholarships you may not have been aware of, and tips to consider while you are still in high school to help ease the transition to college.  Be sure to follow this facebook page if you don’t want to miss out on any current information regarding available aid.

If college is still many years away for you or your dependent, the sooner you start saving the better, as the price tag is expected to continue to rise over the next 20 years.  A 529 plan continues to be recommended as the most tax efficient savings plan for education.